lender & investor relation guidance


Make every lender relationship

your strongest one yet

With any lender, it should be top priority to maintain a quality relationship. When the business climate becomes volatile, the relationship is likely to have added tension and strain. A strong relationship is crucial, and cfoSOLUTIONSPlus is sure to help you build those bonds that will continue to pay off down the road.


How to know if you can benefit from Lender Relations and Capital Gains Guidance

To better manage these relationships, cfoSOLUTIONSPlus offers Lender & Investor Relations services. It’s likely you can benefit from this service if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Has your lender relationship become strained as a result of defaulted debt covenants and unreliable or late financial reporting?
  • Is your company in the workout group or special credits department of your lender?
  • Has your lender requested that you find an alternative lender?
  • Are you paying higher than market interest rates on debt?
  • Are meetings with your lender scheduled sporadically and only when you are in the midst of a crisis? 

In any of these situations, our team can help drive you and your business toward a solution. To give the best service possible, we provide the following:

  • Analysis of existing debt structure(s)
  • Discussion(s) to understand current and long-term working capital needs
  • Recommendations for improved debt structure
  • Assistance with preparation of financial information for submission to lenders when applying for financing 
  • Function as point person for all current and prospective lender communications
  • Helping companies raise the capital needed to sustain and grow the business

Make each and every lender relationship a quality one with confidence in your business’ capital gains. For guidance and trusted service, contact us today.