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Having an outsourced contractor work with your business team can surface a lot of questions, whether it’s scheduling, organization, or another matter. Our team will not only handle financials, but also guide you every step of the way.

Certain questions come up more than others. Scroll through our FAQs to learn about our services and how they accommodate your business.

Services are billed at an hourly rate. In certain instances when the project scope can be accurately defined, fixed fees are quoted. Additionally, cfoSOLUTIONSPlus takes into consideration your unique circumstances to give you a billing arrangement that meets your organizational capacity and constraints.

In cases where CFO skills are required on an as-needed basis, it’s more cost-effective to outsource the position. This way, assistance is paid for only when needed, and there’s no demand to cover vacation time, benefits, payroll taxes, etc.

Based on our initial assessment of your current circumstances and level of assistance required, cfoSOLUTIONSPlus will suggest a schedule. However, we are completely flexible and work around your constraints. That’s just another advantage of outsourcing.

Your relationship with your accountant remains unchanged. They will continue to provide you with compliance and other services as currently engaged.

cfoSOLUTIONSPlus is affiliated with Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP (CTBK), a full-service accounting firm staffed with CPAs and business consultants, as well as a team specializing in additional Outsourced Solutions. Feel free to chat with us about how they can help, or visit ctbk.com to contact our affiliated firm.

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