cfo consulting


Expert advice and professional guidance

to propel your business forward

Your business is doing well, but you sense there is an opportunity for added efficiencies.

You’ve experienced significant growth recently and would like to ensure that your financial structure and processes are aligned with such growth.

You have been using the same system (or no system) for quite some time, and today is the day to change that. But where do you start? How do you decide what system(s) are best for you, and who can help ensure successful implementation?

You know your company could benefit from additional funding sources and/or tax credits but lack the expertise and/or resources to take full advantage.

You’re a small business that has been impacted by the effects of COVID-19 and would like some guidance and assistance with regard to Small Business Administration (SBA) resources and relief options available.

For these, and many more, cfoSOLUTIONSPlus provides expert advice and professional guidance, on an as-needed basis, to propel your business forward.


What to Expect From Our CFO Consulting Services

We realize that each business is unique with different circumstances, opportunities, constraints, and resources. For this reason, we offer customized consulting services to meet your individual needs. Prior to ever proposing a specific solution, we work directly with you to understand and evaluate your business. This enables us to suggest an ideal level of service to meet your specific needs.

cfoSOLUTIONSPlus has a robust network of resources that possess a broad set of skills and a wide range of experiences. Our team has held positions of financial leadership for a diverse array of clients. This collection of expertise and a robust knowledge base allows us to serve you well, no matter the circumstances.

We are dedicated to providing exemplary solutions when you need them the most. We recognize the many tasks and decisions you are already facing and, therefore, make every effort to provide flexible scheduling. Your time constraints are our time constraints, and your deadlines are our deadlines. 


Core Services

While every business is unique, the need to solve complex business issues requires certain and consistent core financial functions. cfoSOLUTIONSPlus provides personalized consulting services to ensure the propriety of these functions, including the following:

  • Design and establishment of internal monthly financial statements and analysis
  • Set-up of a useable and accurate budgeting process, including on-going forecasting, reporting, and accountability
  • Review and improvement of current processes, procedures and internal controls with an eye toward gained efficiencies and propriety
  • System analysis, selection, and/or implementation, taking into consideration optimal integration and productivity
  • Creation of formal HR policies and documented procedures to ensure organizational consistency and ease of transition(s)
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) loan review, application, and/or forgiveness (PPP)
  • Formalization and articulation of business mission, vision, and related goals
  • Education and training on emerging topics, trends, and/or regulations

Let cfoSOLUTIONSPlus provide the expertise and professionalism you need to propel your business forward.